Authentic and "real", with not compromises.
Still handcrafted as in the old workshops in Italy,
using only the best genuine leather.
Made and customized one by one, with love, patience and passion,
they belong to our traditions and to all of us.


Born from the traditions of north-east part of Italy, they were handmade by the women in the houses
recycling old clothes and stitching the used bycicle tires part as a sole.
Now as it was then, they are still made by our local artisans with selected high quality materials.
Totally sewn by hands without using any glue to ensure a good transpiration.
The recycled rubber sole, handstitched with wax thread,
replicate identically the old bycicle tire.

Creations - Sentier Italia

Handmade in Italy

Creation - Sentier Italia
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