The Pedule

What exactly are the Pedule shoes? Their story begins in the 1930s, and they were originally used for military or mountaineering purposes. At first, they were made of sturdy canvas or leather, with a felt sole and laces to adjust ankle stability. True masterpieces of made in Italy,timeless and unique products, Sentiers Pedule shoes are still handmade by expert craftsmen. We use only the best materials: rubber, leather, iron, cotton; with great patience, love, and precision.

The Friulane

Friulane or furlane because they were born in Friuli, and there are people who in dialect call them scarpets. They were once made at home, using recycled fabrics from old discarded clothes, and old bicycle tires were used as the sole. Today, our artisans sew and make them entirely by hand, using high-quality selected fabrics and avoiding the use of glue to ensure greater breathability for the feet. The sole is made of recyclable rubber, quilted with waxed thread, and faithfully reproduces the old bicycle tire.

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